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Recruitment Notice

Job Title: Part-time Powerlifting/Weightlifting Instructor

  • Basic Powerlifting/Weightlifting knowledge
  • Has participated in local Powerlifting Championships

Salary: $102-$304/hr (Based on the training course level)
Working place: Wan Chai Sports Ground Weightlifting room
Working time: Negotiate

Interested candidates who fulfill the requirements above can send email to us. (Email:
(Last Update: 2021-01-20)


The notice about the termination of HKWPA Ltd. membership, please: Download

(Last Update: 2020-09-25)
Condolence message from Dr Josephine Ip, Chairperson of HKWPA:
It is so sad to know that Mr Larry Ching, our long term supporter of Powerlifting in Hong Kong, passed away after fighting for cancer for 2 years. I express my sincere sympathy to Larry’s family.
Larry was a faithful powerlifting fans. He had competed in Hong Kong Championships for long duration and is currently a record holder for his body weight category. He was a great supporter of Hong Kong Powerlifting and had donated multiple times prize money for Junior and Sub-junior lifters. It is a great encouragement for young people who started our sports.
Our Powerlifting members will never forget the joy when Larry came for training and Lily brought us delicious home-made dim-sums. We will never forget you, Larry. Your faith and enthusiasm in Powerlifting will inspire lifters to pursue higher targets in their life in Sports.

我們的老朋友, 本會永久會員 – Larry Ching先生, 已於日前因病離世, 我對此感到非常難過.
Larry Ching先生一向積極支持和參與本會的健力活動. 他熱愛運動並樂於扶持後輩, 在健力界中是一位深受尊敬的前輩.
本會深切慰問他的家人, 我們會永達懷念他.


(Last Update: 2021-01-14)


有關總會執委的裁判及教練註冊表格, 請按此: 下載

(最後更新日期: 2020-12-08)
Classic Hong Kong Powerlifting Invitations 2021

Competition Date: 20-21 March
Competition Venue: Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre

Prospectus: Download
Registration Form: Download
Competition Schedule: TBC

* Only HKWPA members can participate in the championships, please download the HKWPA membership application form here.

Beginning Date of Registration: 9/11/2020
Registration Deadline: 27/02/2021
(Last Update: 2021-01-04)

比賽日期: 2021年 7 月 5-12 日
比賽地點: 香港伊利莎伯體育館表演場

資助準則: 下載
比賽章程(只供香港運動員): 下載
比賽報名表(只供香港運動員): 待定
比賽程序: 待定

* 所有參賽運動員必須為本會會員,入會申請表可在此 下载

開始報名日期: 待定
截止報名日期: 待定
(最後更新日期: 2020-09-25)
Training Course

The Timetable of Weightlifting and Powerlifting Training Courses in 2020-2021 (Updated on 04/12/2020):Download

Basic PL-A: Download
Basic WL-A: Download
Advanced PL-A: Download
Advanced PL-B: Download
Advanced WL-A: Download
Inter PL-A: Download

In view of the latest developments of COVID-19, the training course will be temporarily canceled until further notice.

(Last Update: 2021-01-13)
(公開組, 少年組, 青年組, 元老組)

比賽日期: TBC
比賽地點: TBC

比賽章程(只供香港運動員): 待定
比賽報名表(只供香港運動員): 待定
比賽程序: 待定

* 所有參賽運動員必須為本會會員,入會申請表可在此 下载

開始報名日期: 待定
截止報名日期: 待定
(最後更新日期: 2020-08-14)
Powerlifting training for university students and pre-university students

In preparation for World University Classic Powerlifting Cup 2021. The competition to be held on July 5-10, 2021 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Hong Kong Weightlifting and Powerlifting Association will send a team to participate in the said championship in 2021. Current University students below the age of 24 and students who will enter university in coming September are welcomed to join the championship.

HKWPA will provide longer term training to students who are interested in Powerlifting from July 2020 onwards to prepare for this championship.

Those who are interested, please contact us.

* For University Cup, the lifter must be local University student.

(Last Update: 2020-08-14)

因康樂及文化事務署文康設施由一月二十九日起暫停開放,並取消在有關場地舉行的康樂、體育及文化活動,故本會所有在灣仔運動場舉重室舉辦之健力及舉重訓練班也由即日起暫停進行,直至另行通告。如有任何查詢,可電郵至 或致電2504 8193 與職員聯絡,不便之處,敬請原諒。
(公開組, 少年組, 青年組, 元老組)

為顧及運動員及公眾安全, 並配合政府有關冠狀病毒的預防工作, 本比賽取消直至另行通告

比賽日期: canceled until further notice
比賽地點: canceled until further notice

比賽章程(只供香港運動員): 待定
比賽報名表(只供香港運動員): 待定
比賽程序: 待定

* 所有參賽運動員必須為本會會員,入會申請表可在此 下载

開始報名日期: 待定
截止報名日期: 待定
(最後更新日期: 2020-08-14)


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